Thursday, 20 February 2014


We're doing a session for Marc Riley on Monday... which is the 24th February 2014. Lindsay was up there the other week with Primitive Parts, which you can hear here.

You can hear it on 6music around 7:30pm or something. We're all looking forward to it very much.

Then we're playing that Challenging Behaviour benefit, which should be a lot of fun. I will be there all day, supporting both Rock Penguins and The Carbonators to play too... it starts at like 4 and you should get there for around 4.

We then have two other shows in March on the 20th & 21st, one with The Bomber Jackets which i'm assuming is at Powerlunches and the other with a bunch of other bands we play in at The Macbeth.. it'll be like some awful game of tag.

We're about halfway through recording another album, which is all terribly exciting. Thematically it's currently touching on a number of subjects but the overall thread at the moment is unconventional sadness. Like a clown. 

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