Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Hai hai, i'm being lazy and c+peeing what Ellis sent out... it tells you what you need to know though. 

on a side note, having Fat Bob do the write-up for the record was a nice surprise... ever since I got the Chopper discography and he wrote their epitaph or whatever, it's been a bit of a dream that there happening...

Oh btw if you think it's not cool to have write-ups about your records.. I went to a lecture last night where one of the most salient points made was about giving art it's penumbra. For the need to school and hone your responses to art and how these responses are crucial in helping translate and articulate what it is to produce art  that represents and speaks about what surrounds you. Now, if that isn't cool then I don't know what is.

"Another year, another new release!

SSR17: SAUNA YOUTH - False Jesii Pt.2 / Oh Joel 7"

"London’s Sauna Youth follow up their acclaimed debut lp 'Dreamlands' with a brand new two track single on Static Shock, but those who are only hoping for Dreamlands Pt.II are likely to be disappointed. This is (for this release, at least) Sauna Youth reborn as a C86 indie pop band. These two female fronted tracks sound so good they could have been released back in the day on the Subway Organization or 53rd and 3rd. The music is raw and simple like a slowed down Ramones but the vocals are sugar sweet with lots of backing harmonies. If you love the Fizzbombs, The Flatmates or The Rosehips you will instantly fall in love with these two perfect under three minute indie pop gems."
- Sean Forbes

One original, and one cover done in a completely different style. 500 copies have been pressed, including a bunch on limited white vinyl which is now available from either here or the band directly.  All sleeves are handstamped, and a download code is included.
You can also listen to or download this and several other SS releases off Bandcamp here:"

AND, the incredible NO have now been added to the London PKN show... yessssssssssss

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