Thursday, 31 January 2013


Just wanted to let you all know that unfortunately due to not being able to secure funding Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät have had to cancel coming over to the UK. This is obviously a massive shame, however we've decided to carry on with the gigs. 

The response to putting on an integrated gig with bands from the learning disability scene and the DIY scene has been so positive from all corners that we still think it's important for them to happen.

To replace PKN, Daniel Wakeford and Zombie Crash will now be playing both gigs, in Brighton and London. Two of the best from Brighton's learning disability music scene.

We're going to run them as fundraisers to help bring PKN over in the summer, so if you want to see them, then come to the shows to help make it happen!

The screenings of their film "The Punk Syndrome" are still going ahead, with Q&A's via satellite.


Just so you know who they are...

Daniel Wakeford

Daniel Wakeford is a singer and songwriter from Brighton who has been writing, recording & performing for over 4 years now. The music has a real 1st Television Personalities LP vibe, but his vocals are utterly unique. His perspective on the world filtered through his austism is detailed through blunt, poetic lyrics detailing his life, his loves and Beethoven. Daniel has charmed and enamoured every audience he has played in front of. He is one not to be missed!

Zombie Crash

Zombie Crash are a heavy metal punk band from Brighton. They consist of 6 friends writing songs about whatever they please, including vampires, zombies, wrestling, rocking out in a band and even girls. Formed in 2009, these guys spend their energy in what they do best: performing on stage with sheer volume from both their voiceboxes and amps, which creates a highly distorted and crushing atmosphere. Their learning disabilities in no way shape or form hold them back from always giving extreme and unhinged performances!


Be out. To Rock Out.

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