Monday, 5 November 2012

US / Memory

Daniel at Sorry State Records in the US is now stocking copies of Dreamlands... we managed to get them over there avoiding the ridiculously high postage costs so they're the cheapest you'll find in America... get it RIGHT HERE


Also, in other SY related news Ecke's other band FEATURE, recorded by Boon and soon to be released by Pines on CZT. Have put up their first EP "Memory"...


Also, thanks to everyone that came out to see the CP/SY tour. Extra special thanks to James Levitt, Collider, Liv, Audacious Art Experiment, Daddy Phoenix, Crushing Death and Grief, David Coutellhis, Wobbly Bob, Reid, Playlounge, Cosmic Thoughts, Good Throb, Hunger, Mazes, Hookworms, Fair Ohs, Sealings, Wooderson, Vision Fortune, Jon Shoe, Reza, etc etc, O, P & D.

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