Wednesday, 6 June 2012



1. Full Ugly - No Plans
2. Omi Palone - The Light

3. The Stevens - Weaving A Basket
4. Sauna Youth - Ripping Leather

SAUNA YOUTH - 'RIPPING LEATHER' (PVI008) by Paradise Vendors Inc

This record is a split between four bands, 2 from the UK (one of those is us) and 2 from Australia. It has been curated by Paradise Vendors Inc, that London based label run by those guys in The Horrors who are on that label Fuxony that's run by that guy who had to run away from London because he ate somebody. It's been so long since we released something I almost forgot what it means to be in a modern band. This release however has had the quickest and easiest turnaround ever. We were asked to be on it a while ago, we wrote a song, then we kinda left it for ages, thinking we had ages because there were 4 bands involved and if they were anything like us it'd see the light of day in about 3 years time... made plans for recording it, then about two weeks ago i thought we were demoing it, turns out everyone else was waiting on us (of course) so it wasn't a demo anymore... it took about half an hour to record, we also got a quick Nirvana cover in there too, did some other stuff, posted it off and records will be here without us even knowing it.
The song is a 'power song', a tribute to the future, a celebration of change and movement. Written while visiting the British Museum after work one day, being surrounded by grand pasts after working a job that was seeped in stagnation and standing in one spot for too long. We can do what we like really. The lyrics are on the page where our records are if you want to know. You've got to get in flux.
The cover image is a tribute to our winter spent as Goths, when Lindsay dyed his entire wardrobe black, including his shoes... The release party is going to have a strict corpse-paint only dress-code and is on the 9th July at the Victoria in Dalston, more on that nearer the time eh?

There is a pre-order up now, which will shortly be turned into a post-order as of Saturday.


In other news, we have unfortunately had to pull out of the Gringo Records 15th birthday celebrations this weekend in Nottingham. We're gutted, again it's my fault... I have to help some kids write and record songs about P-Tron the robot and Disco Diva and we wouldn't have made it up in time. I am sorry.

In other, other news there may be some light at the end of the DREAMLANDS tunnel...


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