Wednesday, 6 June 2012


BB sez -

"It’s been three years since that fateful night in a railway arch in London Bridge that was Big Takeover I. In the time since we’ve made gigs happen everywhere from occupied offices, boats on the Thames to the roof of the Hayward Gallery. As a special celebration, legends of the night time (its the right time) BLACK TIME (last seen in London at said railway arch, I believe) have agreed to rise from their coffins/book a babysitter and headline this special show on Friday June 29th. Get real pumped.

Five killer bands, record distros and the best DJs til 1am. The Others is a warehouse space above a pool hall, less than two minutes walk from Stoke Newington Overground station. We'll be selling cheap booze, there are sofas (!) and so much room for dancing.


Back From The Grave for one night only. With a rabbit-hole back catalogue stretching way into the darkest depths of the early to mid 2000s, including three LPs on indefatigable label In The Red Records, Black Time play unmissably wild garage numbers that pick up where The Cramps left off, and are still truly are force to be reckoned with. Cranking up the fuzz and treble for one contorted and distorted nightmare night, you better get hip.


After several years of high-concept awkwardness and an LP on La Vida Es Un, you might have thought it was over for Hygiene. Hold the presses! Nat (vox/shuffling) is back in town from Canada because Richard (Bass) is getting married, and what better way to mark this blissful punk union than a live outing for all your favourite songs about polytechnics and O-levels. Charming post-glam aggression sticking the shambolic UKDIY boot in to maximal effect.


An evolving band of young future humans making truly irregular punk not quite comparable to anything else. 'Weird' is a meaningless platitude, and 'art punk' is a classifier that shouldn't be required. SY have upped their game and changed their pace, don't get in the way of their narrative-heavy bangers.


The aforementioned Groom from Hygiene gets up on the mic backed by ex-Oi Polloi personnel to bring us their debut set, where an appetite for unforgettable choruses meets studiously gloomy (gloimy?) bass negativity and a set of hard-edged bootboy numbers.

Brand new mysterious boy/girl revolutionaries from Leeds take up the Swell maps mantle - pure pop for now people


This show will also be a fundraiser for a new DIY project for London. Stay tuned for more on that."

Sauna Youth 2

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