Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Bear with me... 
as part of the "LISTS" project we collaborated with 9 artists to produce 9 images, which The Positive Press then screen-printed for an exhibition (which finishes this weekend BTW)...
We then also created 'Artist Editions' of the record we released, these are limited to 10 of each version. (so 90 limited records in total) It consists of the original sleeve with an extra edition tab, hand-stamped and numbered, with a wrap-around riso-graphed poster of the artists image (those of you that own an original 'Teenage Kicks' 7" will know what this looks like) and a cute little sticker on the front.


They look bloody swell & half of these have gone already, you can purchase the other half RIGHT HERE. (let us know which one you want)
Here are what they look like, apparently Canon cameras like rotating things...

Alicia Raitt