Wednesday, 9 March 2011



This record concerns itself with sex, death and the frustrations created by the practical necessities of banal life.

Side A is about desire and detachment. Desire to be detached from the world and detachment through desire. Frustration from being trapped by the weight of the physical self contrasted with the liberation and joy from the physical self. An escape from the tedium, distilling the chaos and confusion of life to a point, a purity and a place free from troublesome thought. The Void. 

Side B is the contrast to the fleeting highs and lows; the middle ground, the broken grey. The necessity of dull interaction in everyday life, told through simple language. One song is about creating your importance and stake in the world to prove that your life isn't worthless, which is unfortunately typified by the boring and pointless arguments we are surrounded by constantly. The other song is about lists. We dream of a life that makes sense and so attempt to order and define the chaos, the infinite threads and strands of life. We are thrilled by an apparently inevitable sequence and our ability to create a visual progression to follow. 

"Creating order is a survival impulse against the death drive of gravity and entropy - or, at the very least, a mode of making the daunting demands of existing in time and space more manageable.  The parcelling of space is an attempt to wrangle the infinite, thereby gaining traction against one's inevitable union with it."

Or just excuses to let the OCD flow because of your complete inability to remember anything that you're meant to be doing.

We recorded these songs ourselves in 2010, Reza smashing his previous personal best and recording his drums in the last 8 minutes of a practice. Lindsay recorded his guitars in the 45 minutes he had in Brighton after arriving and before we had to be at our show with Ruidosa Inmundicia (which was great by the way). Murphy did his parts via Skype from a hotel in Berlin probably and I took about 6 months to finish it all off. I drew the cover and R.M. Phoenix has done the back. It's going to be an edition of 300 7" housed in a 3 colour photocopied/riso sleeve. 

Pre-order here.

Distribution details coming real soon.

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