Thursday, 28 October 2010


Hey, so as previously mentioned we have a song on a surf compilation tape that our buddy Matt has put out, he bloody loves summer. We're allowed to be on it because 2 of us live by the sea and Murphy recently went on an actual surfing holiday. Plus, we all think summer is great. It's a cover of a song by The Surf Trio called, "Fun in the Summer" NOT the Barracudas song "Summer Fun". It's about quitting your job and then going and partying with sun-tanned girls and dancing to surfing bands. OBVIOUSLY.

You can buy it through this sentence.

Next week we're going to have the pleasure of hanging with summer-king Matt at a gig we're playing at the Nest on Stoke Newington Road with Visions of Trees and Chad Valley, it's going to be a pretty chilled out evening... If anyone has a bass amp we could borrow for the night let us know because none of the other bands use guitars, drums or bass for when they're playing, i think they use samplers and vocals though so i'm sorted.

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