Monday, 26 May 2014

Five Hundred Self Portraits

Hi there,

Hope you're well... Just letting you know about a couple of extra curricular activities some of us have been up to. Firstly Feature released their second tape at the beginning of the month, called 'Culture Of The Copy'. Tie Dye Tapes put it out, it's bloody great and has a Supergrass cover on it. Also Jen published an essay the other day and used the phrase "phallocentric situation". What more could you want?

The other thing is the 12" that Tense Men released at the beginning of March, called "Where Dull Care Is Forgotten". Dan put it out, thanks Dan. Here is Ollie's Dad's review -

“An Oliver Twist Of A Second Helping From Tense Men, offers from this original & intelligent Stick’n’String duo, a melange of Duane Dance­Hall rhythm, post­Punk & Scanda shout­out guitar, with eel­like bass undertones, & sometime growling vocals, filtered through subtle quasi­echo sounds to provide a virtual soft­ride helter skelter that finally & gently hits the velvet mat

Hear It………….Appreciate Authenticity…….."

So there you go.

Also, we got bored and started another band... Possibly more on that soon. However we ARE recording a new album very soon and surprisingly Dreamlands II : Back To The Castle hasn't been completely dismissed as a title. Excited, i'm sure.

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