Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Hey hey.

We played this last year and this year FEATURE from the family are playing. Also Zombie Crash & Daniel Wakeford are playing, Clinic are playing, SHOPPING are playing. You will be playing. 

It won't be hell on earth, like shoreditch was the other week, or the last time you went to reading festival, or if you went to 90% of the festivals that exist in the UK, etc, etc, blah blah... it will be really great. so you should probably go..............


SN13-PosterIn many ways, Supernormal found its feet last year. For the first time, we had serious numbers of people in the field and we were, frankly, overwhelmed.
This year, we’re ready for you… but with increased numbers and new responsibilities come additional costs that are proving greater than we predicted.
We’re not talking about luxuries – we’re talking about the basic legal, technical and health and safety requirements, without which, the festival cannot continue.
What’s more, for the first time, Supernormal has absolutely no external funding. We’re 100% reliant on ticket sales to cover our costs.
This means that more-so than ever, our margins are razor thin.
We’re only a couple of hundred tickets away from a sell-out, but we pretty much *have* to sell out to cover our costs.
So, we must turn to you, our friends and allies, for support.
If you plan to come to Supernormal, please buy your ticket as soon as possible. This will make an enormous difference to us!
Whether you can make it this year or not, please help us spread the word at this crucial time.
Here’s to keeping something truly independent alive.
Here’s to breaking the mould.
Here’s to being SUPERNORMAL.

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