Monday, 24 September 2012

Telling off

So i didn't actually put the dates IN THE BODY OF THE POST ABOUT THE DATES which i apologise for, to make up for it here's everything from now until november you should definitely come to them all they're going to be great... Oh yeah, yesterday was bloody great thanks JAC, unfortunately though i waited to buy the records i wanted for when i had some money but when i finally got some money i couldn't buy them as they were all sold out. 2 lessons - never wait for anything and always have money. Thanks bye.

06/10/12 - London, Powerlunches w/White Lung,covergirl, woolf, good throb, ye lampreys

19/10/12 - Nottingham @ The Chameleon w/ Sharm El Shakes


25/10/12 - KINGSTON, THE CRICKETERS w/ Cold Pumas

26/10/12 - BRIGHTON, WESTHILL COMMUNITY HALL – COLD PUMAS ALBUM LAUNCH! w/ Chilly Leopards Fair Ohs & Sealings

27/10/12 - LEEDS, WHARF CHAMBERS w/ Freezing Lions, Mazes, Hookworms, Vision Fortune, Broken Arm, Cowtown & The Mt. Sierra Trip

28/10/12 - SHEFFIELD, THE AUDACIOUS ART EXPERIMENT w/ Brisk Tigers, Wooderson, The Jelas, The Bell Peppers & Collider

29/10/12 - CAMBRIDGE, THE CORNER HOUSE w/ Cool Cats & Forest

30/10/12 - BIRMINGHAM, THE SUNFLOWER LOUNGE w/ Icy Jaguars, Wax Futures, Collider & Youth Man

31/10/12 - SWANSEA, VENUE TBC w/ Freezing Tabbys

01/10/12 - EXETER, THE CAVERN w/ Damp Cougars

02/11/12 - TBC w/ Soggy Moggies

03/11/12 - LONDON, DALSTON VICTORIA w/ Frigid Felines, Vision Fortune & Weird Menace


07/11/12 - London, The Garage - w/ TY SEGALL, THEE MVPS

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