Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Hey hey, so just a quick reminder that tonight we play BIG TAKEOVER's 3rd birthday party with Black Time, Hygiene, Quango and City Yelps. I for one am very much looking forward to it, not only because we can just walk with our gear to the venue, also because for the past 3 years Bryony and BTO have been attempting (and succeeding) in trying to create spaces to play outside of the usual pub/bar/mobile phone sponsored venues that we, more often than not, find ourselves in when going to ingest 'live music' (i LOVE live music btw).
This is important for many reasons, most of which i'm sure you can figure out. However, I'm mainly down with using this as a means to try and provide a situation whereby the whole thing can become an experience, rather than just a chance to check out a band, form an opinion based on their performance and then relay this opinion (well informed or not) to your peers. There's no harm in trying to keep things interesting...

Reading that back i don't think i've made my point at all. Fuck it, i'm on my way to work and I probably think about things too much anyway. Up the punks, etc. See you tonight.

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