Wednesday, 11 April 2012

I like food, food is good.

We did another interview. This time for the guys at Mint magazine via Belly Kids... we waxed lyrical about our favourite pastime, eating. Again, a few glaring inaccuracies BUT Y'KNOW WHO CARES? (also, sorry i deleted that photo of me with jam all over my face. It's now limited edition, did you get it?) (also, when are we going to play YOUR house? let us know -

Sauna Youth are a band scattered around the south. The relative distance between the parts means we don’t get to see them perform live as much as we would like but let me tell you, they are one of the best live bands going at the moment and definitely worth the trip. They play a frenzied style of punk with mega amounts of energy and a bundle of intensity. They’re obnoxious, snotty, intelligent and brooding but each member is super nice and always willing to play your house, say “hey” or answer your dumb questions.
Hope it makes you hungry.
What food do you like eating? Any places worthy of a plug? 
Good Italian food with fresh ingredients is pretty hard to beat though eating in Japan was one of my favourite dining experiences. Not only for the incredible food but the importance that is placed on the social aspect of eating; it’s pretty heart warming. Really fantastic.
I think we all prefer cooking at home & I’m terrible at remembering things like this but we have all eaten many times at Tay Do on Kingsland Road. Summer rolls & the tofu, chili & lemon grass noodles are standard.
So, it’s you and me at a dinner party, dreamy right? You get to invite 3 other guests – dead, musician, non celeb, celeb, alive, whatever – who would they be?
Dreamy. Joey, Johnny & Dee Dee. I’m afraid if you’re going to make it that exclusive Marky misses out this time…
If your music was a food (bear with me on this) what would it be and why?
Eggs. Versatile.
When are we going for a picnic? WHEN? And what’s the soundtrack?
Sunday. Steve Reich – Four Organs & The Marked Men – Ghosts.
Could you give us a secret killer recipe?
Heat some crushed garlic in olive oil. DON’T burn it.
Plop in a tin of plum tomatoes, heat them up.
Throw in some pepper, fresh basil & red wine if you’re feeling adventurous.
Pour over thick wedges of toast (white or brown – your choice) covered in butter.
Bob’s your uncle, saturday morning is off to a great start.