Thursday, 9 February 2012


Hey hey, so that last post was pretty funny huh? AND i didn't even have to make any of it up... crazy. Although i'm pretty tempted by it, especially the possibility of receiving an email report about what we could be doing to get bigger. One thing we thought of all by ourselves was to get Jen Calleja in the band, you might have seen her at our most recent gigs. So far the response has been "You're much better". So far, so good...

Anyway Jen, whilst she isn't improving our band, likes to keep herself occupied with a plethora of other creative outlets and one of these has been creating and editing a German culture magazine called Verfreundungseffekt (it's a playful pun on the term verfremdungseffekt, coined by Brecht, meaning in very simplified terms as "making strange" or "distancing effect" but also containing the German word for 'friend'. Geddit?). Other members of Sauna Youth and our extended creative family are involved in the contents as well as a load of other fine people. It is finally ready to go and be printed and she has organised an event to celebrate its existence... i'll hand you over to her for the details -


Verfreundungseffekt Magazine – Launch and Exhibition

Heimat Museum, 44 Marlborough Avenue, E8 4JR (close to Haggerston Rail)

Verfreundungseffekt is a 
German-English language magazine exploring ‘Germanness’ and ‘The Angloamerican’ designed by Joseph Hales and edited by Jen Calleja. The magazine and exhibition assume cultures to be
 mythologies created by the tourist or the emigrant from another nation, with this perspective raising questions about the performance, idealisation and stereotyping of nationalities, as well as the possibility and problems of translation and comprehension.

Verfreundungseffekt is a more ethnographic record of the modern-day émigrés moving from the UK to Germany/Germany to the UK/America compared to the academic, over-analysed and generalised accounts of a country’s history and culture. The magazine was formed from an appreciation of German culture and language and a wish to help promote it, and will stand as a document of the individuals who move between the world of the German and the world outside of it.

The exhibition will run Friday 24th February – Sunday 26th February, with the Magazine launch from 6pm – 9pm on the Friday and a ‘Curator’s Talk’ at 2pm on the Saturday.


V-effekt Magazine Launch - event page here
Friday 24th February 6pm - 9pm
With live performances from
 V-effekt Curator's Talk
Saturday 25th February 2pm
V-effekt Exhibition
Friday 24th February - Sunday 26th February
Exhibiting work by
LINDSAY CORSTORPHINE (lostinidea.blogspot)

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