Sunday, 25 September 2011


SAUNA YOUTH's New Video Proves They're What The Games Been Missing!
LONDON, LONDON (September 21, 2011) -- One glance across the punk landscape reveals a myriad of gimmicks and gangsters, rhymes without reason and overblown bling. A sprinkling of real talent appears on the horizon every so often and SAUNA YOUTH is rising like the sun, ready to shine brighter than most. In their new video "I Put Punkers On,"(CLICK HERE TO VIEW ) SAUNA YOUTH imparts their street-smarts to an underling like a punk Yoda in the backseat of a Maybach. They don't candy-coat the risks of rising to fame amid predators and haters. But SAUNA YOUTH conveys an acumen that can elevate their punk prodigies without them having to compromise or sell their souls.They're not new to the game and can hold their own with the baddest male and female punkers who dare to pass them a mic. Sharing the stage with artists like Fat Joe, T.I., The Nappy Roots and Fabolous, SAUNA YOUTH knows the power of their presence and is proving that they don't need to conform to be recognized and respected. tHeir hunger for their craft is matched by their tenacity to be true to themselves and their legion of fans. SAUNA YOUTH's story is still unfolding and they draw on their tragedies that life brought into their childhood to create triumphs that ultimately define their artistry. THey're music is their mirror and their image defies stereotypes; their bold tattoos -- a skillfully drawn skull on their throat is eye-popping -- their natural swagger and bold stage presence compliment their convictions to stay true to themselves and their fans.

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