Sunday, 11 September 2011


Right, so our split with Ale Mania "MAGENTA" is now 100% out there, in the world, happening, available. We're really very happy with how it has turned out, Dan Reeves is a quality craftsman, and it seems a bunch of other people quite like it too...

Great stuff.

Now you've right clicked and "open in new tab"-ed all those links, i'll give you a minute to read them... you can listen to this whilst you're doing it



now you know that you'll love it, why don't you head over to Faux Discx and buy it? ok, good.

P.S. I first heard that Fall song when The Shitty Limits covered it last time I saw them. You should probably go see them the last time they play at the GYC's 10 year anniversary, probably the best all ages DIY venue in the UK and the out punk the best  to time.come  of UK in  band long


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