Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Physical Attraction


When we first met Stroidy who does Niche Homo we had to put him to bed on a sofa in Jon Mohajer's kitchen. I blame the homebrew. PACKED zine, real interesting interviews, word layout, printed on that weird recycled paper from Footprinters that makes my fingertips ache. Mixtape wars. It's funny, weird and interesting in equal measure. HIGHLYRECOMMENDED.

Got this from Teodoro when I met him at the resource centre in Brighton, he was printing inlays from his new cassette release and I was printing the sleeves for our 2nd 7"... we obviously both felt pretty punk. He is a super nice, mild-mannered guy and I was taken aback when I first started reading his zine... "I write and speak English as bad as I play any instrument, I'm a horrible musician, but it's true!! Because there are people then they are Liars, they tell you: "Hey I'm a bad Musician" but one day you see them on stage and suddenly they can play their instrument, THEY ARE MUSICIANS!! They told you that they couldn't play but you realize now that they can play, FUCK!! SHIT!!" I actually want to keep typing because it only gets better, hands down one of the best zines i've ever read... So passionate about anarchy, punk and real bad musicians!! Thankfully no pretensions or irony here. It's all hand written & laid out with amazing comics & illustrations with more exclamation marks per page than any other zine i've read. I had literally no idea who any of the bands were but the way Teodoro writes about them made me feel like I should definitely get to know them. HIGHLYRECOMMENDED!!!!

This is from our buddies Rosie & Phil. This zine totally eschews the punk aesthetic but holds on to the DIY community element, building itself upon the idea of collaboration. It's a beautiful object & the content inside is of a similar high-standard. My brother did the cover and there's work in there from writers, designers, illustrators and photographers like - Joe Hales, Ton Hall, Owen Richards, Andreas Konrath, Katie Scott, Simon Marsham, Jen Calleja, etc.....  it's HIGHLYRECOMMENDED!

"No Zine"
Again, this zine is pretty much the polar opposite of Spit On the Major but still looks amazing. There are 6 issues, each one dealing with it's own issue number, that's a bad explanation but it doesn't really matter... Real crisp layout, 2 colour riso-graph printed, which is used is great effect throughout. This zine appeals to so many things I like in terms of the series and consistency of style, it also helps that the work is of a VERY HIGH STANDARD. HIGHLYRECOMMENDED.

Ok, that took way longer than I thought... until next time that's it for PHYSICAL ATTRACTION.

Next up... YES WAY.

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