Saturday, 27 August 2011



so, we've sold out of the DISTRACTIONS II tapes now, i ended up making 50, it literally took me a whole 2 days to make them. Ridiculous. If you still really want one you can get them from Spastic Fantastic in Germany or from Big Love in Japan (where the proceeds go towards go to victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan)... I only posted them off today so it'll be about a week or so before they even get them and update their shops n that. ok.

Also, we're now sold out of the Chris Pell, R.M. Phoenix, Will Exley, Alicia Raitt and Lucy Jones artist editions of the LISTS 7" and there are only a couple of copies left of the others... so, if you want one get on it. Also the merch is being handed over to CJMURPHY for the next month or so and he has much nicer handwriting than me so you can look forward to some lovely  notes from him. 

ALSO, the DREAMLANDS 12" is mixed and ready(ish) to go.

ALSO we're playing a show for Tom Ellis in a couple of weeks and it's at the magnificent Power Lunches. It's with the Teal Numbers.

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