Tuesday, 3 May 2011

R.M. Phoenix

"The drawing for ‘LISTS’ came about from thinking about how repeated lines can create knowledgeable space within an area that was previously a blank void. The grid created by these repeated lines, whether regular or irregular, is a way of establishing a framework that we can comprehend and impart meaning and order onto where previously there was only emptiness and fear. Originally I had intended to create a complete list of space within a particular measured area, but due to the nature of the rules I set myself, (within the whole space the drawn lines must each time work together to define a single part of that space that begins and ends at the same point and that must traverse the whole space and may be able to overlap previous partly defined spaces) when I had exhausted all points around the outer limits of the whole space there was always parts of the whole space left undefined. Therefore the final drawing is an incomplete, or failed, list of space. Within our lives, and the rules that we impose and that are imposed upon us, we will never fully comprehend the meaning we seek. We are able to define a personal space of individual beauty but we must accept incompleteness, uncertainty, and failure as an unavoidable presence in our lives."

- R.M. Phoenix 2011

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