Friday, 29 April 2011



We're playing this Saturday in Camden, as part of the Camden Crawl I believe, for our friends Alex & Chris who preside over the Poster Roast empire. Info -

"Surrounding these bands will be the usual Poster Roast exhibition, packed full of some of the greatest UK poster artists!! We will be showing the process of screenprinting with some help from Positive Press who will be printing up fresh limited edition posters that you can take home with you! There will be a shop booth, and portfolio racks, where you can peruse all the artists work, and leave with some great affordable art! Sexbeat DJs will also be providing great tunes throughout the day, so you have no excuse not to party! Great Ancestors – 4pm // Sauna Youth – 5pm

The artists exhibiting this year are:

Graham Pilling,
Tape Ears,
Drew Millward,
Adam Pobiak,
Thr33 Designs,
Dan Mumford,
Luke Drozd,
David Bailey,
Petting Zoo,
3d Glasses,
Michael Cowell,
Two Ducks Disco,
Switch Open,
Dan Reeves."

p.s. i'm not sure of the whole ticketing shebang but when I have gone before I went without a ticket and just went to the main ticketing booth near the roundhouse gave them some convincing story about losing my wrist band (which I neither had, nor lost) and they gave me one, mainly because they're not employed to care, at least I don't think so. Also I went one time driving Drum Eyes and I didn't even get a pass that time but still did the same thing and it worked, but i did end up getting headbutted by a real camden punk (with a safety pin earring and everything) so maybe that was my recompense for ripping off Weston's cider or something.

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