Monday, 7 February 2011


HEY. We've got a bunch of activities coming up this month, some of which will definitely happen, some just come from our sincere desire and hope that they will come to fruition...

Firstly, we've managed to find ourselves involved in some class A shows, including some north of the M4... wonders will never cease.

Here is the information on the two weekends we have planned -

Saturday 19th Feb - We're playing in Brighton with Saturday's Kids & Kids Return (who I believe are on tour together) and Little Ease, who are planning on being a band for a month or something. It's the new venue under the station called the Green Door Store. I went to the opening night and had my arms pinned behind my back by a bouncer while he threatened to punch me in the face because I, and a number of other people, were trying to intervene in his colleagues over-enthusiastic bouncering, which kinda just involved grabbing people because they were dancing and then punching Rachael from La La Vasquez in the face. So if you're up for fighting some bouncers come down and have at it. It's the place to be.

Sunday 20th Feb - This show is in London in Stoke Newington at a place called Ryan's Bar... It's with a bunch of great bands, like The Love Triangle (featuring Louis from Identity #1), Bird Calls (featuring Max from Leeds), Saturday's Kids (featuring the guys from the night before), Left Leg (featuring Daniel Day Lewis), Black Mamba Beat (featuring Glenn from the South Bank 7) & Good Throb (featuring Bryony from the internet). It's starting around 3/4 o'clock and you will be guaranteed a good time.

2nd one is the one up north...

Friday 25th Feb - This is in Nottingham, we're playing in a recording studio called Stuck on a Name Studios. This is being organised by Joe from La Boite Diabolique, who are playing. Also playing is a band called Pyramids and hopefully Bruce & Carl from the Hipshakes. Joe is going to let us sleep there & do some recording the next morning... so expect either some covers or us wanking around on my sampler for an hour being put out on tape in the near future. It's donations and bring your own booze. BARGIN.

Saturday 26th Feb - This is in Leeds and is a house show at Jon's Mohajer's house. It will be with La Boite Diabolique and hopefully Nope. That's all I can tell you right now. I imagine it'll also be donations and BYOB. DOUBLE BARGIN.

Sunday 27th Feb - We're playing in Leamington Spa at a local arts organisation's new space called Hybrid Arts. This is with La Boite Diabolique too (this will be the third date, who will make the first move?) and some other bands which i'll probably find out about soon enough. It looks like a real nice set-up and Steven the promoter sent us this important message recently too - "We have 5 projectors at the venue available to use so no worries about bringing one." TRIPLE BARGIN.

The other stuff is - receiving the test presses back for the LISTS 7", confirming all the artists involved for the LISTS exhibition, finishing off the guitars & vocals for our album and starting the funding applications for the DREAMLANDS installation.