Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Fellow co-conspiritor and collaborator R M Phoenix is delivering his first visual display of high concept abstractions this coming weekend. His work is an exploration through conflicting forms and ideas, exploring the use of simple, minimal space and complex compositional tools, harnessing the potential tensions derived from the combination of the two. He is attempting to create order on the canvas through tight compositional grids whilst allowing loose, fluid, painterly gestures to create a friction on the canvas. Echoing Howard Hodgkin & Tomory Dodge's bold powerful brushstrokes and the purity and clarity contained with Robert Ryman's white paintings, he channels Bertolt Brecht's Verfremdungseffekt to create a distancing between viewer and subject; an obscuring of what lies beneath the stark, bold subtleties in much of his work. Reflecting his own studies into mass genocide and the complexities of human nature, he is exploring the dialectic between violence and beauty, understanding how abstract art can be at all relevant in an uncertain and often destructive world.

exhibition of new paintings 'Nobody's Fault But Mine Yours Ours Mine', 22nd January - 3rd February 2011 at (AND/OR) Gallery

The gallery is under an (apparently) great cafe, stuf you r fucking face then stuff yr fucken eyes.

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