Monday, 4 October 2010

I've been thinking good, good things about you


1. We have a couple of shows coming up this weekend...

Saturday the 9th - London @ The Stag's Head, Dalston
Sunday the 10th - Brighton @ The Cowley Club

2. "MAD MIND" is currently sold out from us and from Suplex. There is talk of printing more, although not until Matt has put out his "Endless Bummer" surf compilation tape. Which, being the dudes that we are, features us doing a cover of The Surf Trio's "Fun in the Summer". It's totally incredible.

3. Here are some photos, courtesy of Owen Richards, from the release of the "MAD MIND" tape which was great, so great in fact we're currently planning another party at the Hanover Centre in December. This is to co-incide with a number of things, possibly including the release of our 2nd 7" "LISTS" on the Sex is Disgusting recording label. THE PHOTOS -

4. There aren't that many copies of the "YOUTH" 7" left. Just so you know...

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