Saturday, 28 August 2010

Dr. Who

hi! we're playing at offset festival next sunday, should be great, my friend Jeff is coming along... he's from canada and is a really great guy. he lives in a town called coburg, which is about an hour outside of toronto, it's a pretty small town which in summer the population almost doubles because they have this really great beach. which i've been on in both summer and winter, in winter it was crazy... apparently it was about minus 30 with windchill, we stayed out on the beach for far longer than we wanted to because another friend of ours, Andreas, wanted to take loads of photos of the pier which was completely frozen over, which admittedly looked pretty cool but it was also minus 30 with windchill. we also did loads of other great stuff when in coburg and in toronto for that matter. it was great. also our friend stevie is coming along too, he's an excellent man, he's responsible for some pretty great influential epic crust, his old band is pretty audacious, I mean who gets away with releasing a 6 LP box-set of your discography about 2 months after you break up? Him, that's who. ok, so we'll see you there, enjoy your bank holiday.

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