Friday, 9 July 2010


What are Hippies?

The sworn enemy of Punks, or PUNX, of course! Now i'm not here to hate on the more mellow side of youth counter-cultures BUT if you've ever spent much time in and around Brighton then I imagine the sight of bongos in the park, fire-poi on the beach, or a drunk middle aged couple "letting loose" in the most depressing way possible to said bongos, would leave you livid and apoplectic. Reaching for your studded leather jacket and 10-hole steel toe DM's, ready to dish out some psychedelic justice you approach the love-in... until... you see hiding under their hemp ponchos a flash of brilliant colour. What could this fantastical craft-based garment be? It's sea of swirls and lines, one branching out from another, creating worlds within worlds has you transfixed... you stand and stare, you sit, you accept the beads, you hug, it's over man.

Sad but true my friends.

SO... in a valiant attempt to prevent this from ever happening again we've gone and re-created the harpy-garment of the hippie world. It will satisfy both your other-worldly needs and your DIY punk-as-fuck needs. We dyed them on a lovely sunday afternoon, then screen-printed them on a gloomy over-cast day, probably when the tories got back into power. Fucking tories.

Get our fine wares over at the The Palace of Mr. Mince, the Prince of Mince and his Prints... (a.k.a. The Positive Press). They're cheap! and professional!

P.s. One chord, one line, a solid 4/4, a drum break and a-woo-a-woo-a-woo-a-woo

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