Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Falling & Laughing

The demo tape is now sold out. This may get another run at some point, who knows, at the moment though our next tape will be taking up all my dubbing time. Don't know how many will be made, i'm aiming for at least 20... going to be making them up until we go away at the end of February. I guess it depends on how many times I want to listen to a 22 minute drone remix of one of our songs. seriously.

Phil, who does the '10 songs podcast' podcast played us on his podcast this month. The podcast is real good and is one of 2 podcasts i actually listen to. He has started doing live sets on his podcast and when we trundle through southampton this month we will be stoppodcasting past Planet Sounds to record one with Rich Smith, yeah he was in Gordon Gano's Army.

bye bye.

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